Program Impact

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Encouragement + Support= Long Standing Relationships

The dramatic impact Ifetayo has on the lives of its students is most evident for those who have been part of our family the longest. These students, over half of whom remained in the programs for close to 10 years, credit Ifetayo for the care and nurturing they needed to develop a high sense of self-confidence and awareness. As a result, Ifetayo students and Alumni remain an integral part of the Ifetayo family and return to teach and coach on a weekly basis, or during summers and holidays.


The stories of our youth vary as do their backgrounds and life goals. They attribute the positive direction of their lives to the support and encouragement they received from Ifetayo. High Expectations + In-Depth Support = High Academic Achievement.

Our holistic approach in supporting young people includes their families and various support systems. Our programs have a high degree of success in helping young people avoid destructive behaviors and achieve long-term life goals. Families are invited and encouraged to attend the youth’s performances, and participate in workshops and classes of their own. Ifetayo Alumni students have attended the following colleges:

Howard University, Cornell University, Wesleyan University, Mount Holyoke College, The University of Pennsylvania,  New York University, Spelman College, Syracuse University, Clarke Atlanta University, Temple University, Medgar Evers College, Brooklyn College, Morgan State University, University of the Arts, Hampton University, Borough of Manhattan Community College, Vaughn College, Long Island University, National Community College, Albany University, Fashion Institute of Technology, Agnes State College , St. Francis College, City College of NY, Virginia State University

Strong Cultural Identity + Shared Values= Community-Wide Impact

Capoeira_The impact of our programs is far reaching touching the lives of our greater community. Our programs focus on developing young people to grow into thoughtful, capable, inventive, and healthy adults, who will use their leadership skills to bring about effective change in the world.

While each program has program-specific goals, we have observed and continue to expect the following broader outcomes for participating young people.