Adult Workshops

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Project Description

Ifetayo is committed to serving youth and those that nurture them; parents, family members, educators, caregivers, and extended family. Additionally, Ifetayo has been dedicated to engaging community members with educational workshops and holistic programming through a comprehensive, culturally-based model. Ifetayo is a pioneer in the utilization of cultural arts education and African kinship systems as vehicles for community health and development. As an organization we possess the unique capacity to engage community members and most significantly youth and families in an ongoing effort toward wellness

Adult Workshops and Offerings include:

* Free African Dance Classes
* Free Language Classes in conjunction with our Sankofa International Exchange Program
* Cultural History Classes
* African Film Festival during African History Month

These classes are offered to build strong relationships, creativity, parenting, stress management, health and to continually empower families with the tools to support their families, create systems for health and well being, and build connected and strong communities.